I've dedicated my life to improving the lives of others. I've served as the Mayer Pro Tem of the Town of Palisade, Chair of the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority, and am a Board Member of the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach. Now I'm ready to take on a new challenge - moving Mesa County in a better, more prosperous direction with my fundamental philosophy: We need active, responsible leadership centered on the changes needed to improve our citizens' lives. That's why I'm running for Mesa County Commissioner, District 3, and I'd like to invite you join me. 


Getting Families Out of Poverty Should Be Our Top Priority:

We should use public programs to get our families out of poverty. Full use of programs such as food stamps, energy assistance, welfare benefits, earned income credits on taxes, Medicaid, etc. are reducing poverty rates on the Front Range by half.  Mesa County currently only gets about half that impact.

Excellence In Education is Fundamental:

Superior education is a prerequisite to attracting and keeping families and businesses in the future.  CMU is attracting students, who often want to stay here.  However, without top notch K-12 schools, these students, and others looking to relocate here, will have to move elsewhere.  Mesa County doesn’t govern schools nor the university, but Mesa County has to lead in making everyone aware of how important our schools are to our survival and growth.  Where possible, Mesa County must be a willing partner in improving our schools.

technology-785742_1920.jpgDiversify and Strengthen Our Economy For Ourselves and Our Children:

The oil, gas and coal industries have always been our strengths.  But each one of them is a cyclical industry.  None of them can guarantee a healthy local economy.  We need to diversify our economy.  We have started with manufacturers of recreational equipment and clothing: Leitner-Poma, Bonsai Designs, Wren Industries, Miti Manufacturers and Loki.

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